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06 August 2010 @ 07:17 pm
Lenalee dumped her lunch into the trash. She hardly ate it and hated the food they served anyway. The cafeteria was loud with talking and it always made it hard to think. She left for the quiet hallways, the window was open and wind was coming through it. It blew around inside her skirt making it rise up a little then it settled again against her legs. The hallway was sunny and bright.

As she was walking to one of the classrooms to wait out the rest of lunch, a lock of soft hair brushed her arm. She stopped to see who it was and her eyes fell on a tall figure walking much faster than her. It was a guy from the way the pants fit a pair of long muscled legs. The same short white button shit she wore revealed toned and muscled arms. A long black ponytail hung down his back. His hair had a blue-ish shine to it.

He turned into a classroom and she caught a swift glance of his face. He had blue eyes that seemed a little big. Lenalee had the strong urge to follow him. She stood there for a few long and grueling seconds fighting it. She was completely against it but her legs seemed all for it. Ironically it was the same class room she was going to anyway.

The boy sat in the middle row with a neutral expression. She could see his face more clearly. His blackblue-ish hair had locks that hung down on both sides of his face and straight bangs right above his eyes. His eyes seemed bigger and more intense now that she could see them properly. She was so busy staring at him she didn't notice him staring at her and seemed to say something.

"S-Sorry?" Lenalee stuttered. "I said, why are you staring at me?" He said with a hard and cold tone. He seemed a little arrogant. He didn't look like the type of person who was into making new friends. "O-Oh you brushed me in the hallway, I was c-coming in here anyway." Said Lenalee nervously. She felt so embarrassed for staring at him and for following him. But she couldn't just walk out. That'd be being as rude as he was. He didn't say it but his face and eyes said clearly he thought she was an idiot.

Lenalee walked to the middle row and sat next to him. Her eyes caught a look at the clock. Five minutes before class started. After two tense ones she said, "I'm Lenalee." as a way of trying to start a conversation.
The boy didn't answer. Then a loud clanging of the clock sounded and students started to pour into the classroom. Among the last of them was the Student Body President of the school. He was a tall dark red haired boy. His name was Lavi.

He had a sort of friendly air about him like he really didn't care he was student body president.

Of course Lenalee knew him. He was also half the school's not so secret crush. They thought the eye patch he wore made him sexy & gave a "bad boy" look. He was your typical over popular over achiever for no reason guy.

Lenalee didn't view him as sexy or cool. She thought he was just another average guy. He sat on the other side of the black haired boy's side. She saw him say something to the black haired boy. The teacher loudly said he'd do roll call now as they did at every class. When the teacher came to the name 'Yuu Kanda' the black haired boy's hand went up. Along with a growled comment not to call him 'Yuu.'

The teacher didn't seem to care. When class ended and Lenalee was leaving, she could hear the typical scramble of girls to talk to the student body president about suggestions they, had no doubt stayed up all night thinking about. The boy that said not to call him 'Yuu', bumped her on the way out and her books went flying on the hallway floor.

Lenalee groaned and said loudly "A 'sorry' would have been fine." Lavi was still around apparently because she saw him look over at the mess of books on the floor she was picking up. "Sorry about Yuu he's just like that." He said. "It's alright." Lenalee said.

Lavi handed her a few of her books. "Thank you." She said standing up. "I can make him apologize if you'd like." He offered. "No it's okay." She said. Lenalee threw the books back into the empty bag on her shoulder. "Thank you for the help." She said. Lavi just nodded but he had a glimmer in his eye she didn't trust.

Later on that day just as she was leaving, over by the lockers, The boy named Kanda appeared as she closed her locker door. She jumped when she saw him. "I'm sorry I knocked your books out of your arms today. Lenalee." He said. He had said her name through gritted teeth. "Oh it's okay. Don't worry about it Kanda." She said. Kanda looked a little surprised. He'd never really heard someone say his name that...sweetly before. "What's the matter?" She asked. "N-Nothing."

Just as Lenalee was about to walk away Lavi showed up. Great hadn't she seen enough of him yet? She thought to herself. "Oi you forgot the most important part Yuu!" He said in an annoying sing-songy tone. Kanda scowled and sighed. "Can I walk you home to show I meant the apology?" He asked through gritted teeth. "Oh no it's okay. Really. And Lavi I said it was okay." She said. She began to get a little scared by them. Maybe she shouldn't learn to follow her strong attractions anymore. She felt so embarrassed and childish.

Lavi shrugged. "I can't let a girl who's intrested in my best friend be treated wrongly. It would look bad on me." He said.

"I'm not interested in her\him!" Kanda and Lenalee said in unison. Lavi smirked. "Pft you two so have a thing for each other. Love at first sight~! Ah the joys of love." He said with a wink at Lenalee.

"I am not interested in him! And it's against school rules!" Lenalee said angrily. Kanda only mumbled something that sounded like "What she said."
Lavi pretended to look hurt. Then he smiled mischeviusly. "Well Yu if you want dinner you'd better walk her home. And if you don't want him to starve tonight let him walk you home." Lavi said almost like he was ordering them. "I can make your lives miserable." He said in a faux seriously threatening tone. "You already make mine miserable!" Kanda snapped. "Tisk Tisk Yu. Time is of the essence. I broke the rule and I'm as happy as ever!" Lavi said.

Lenalee was perplexed. The student body president just threatened them to break a rule. The boy who should be trying to pry them apart was the one trying to push them together. How on earth did he keep his job much less get it? Kanda sighed. "Please let me walk you home. I don't want to starve tonight." He said almost begging. Lenalee scowled. "Alright." She sighed heavily. Kanda and Lenalee walked out of the school with Lavi who went off in a different direction.

The walk was silent. Lenalee's mind was swimming. She was attracted to him. "Maybe we should go out." She said when they reached her gate. Kanda blinked. "What." "What a stupid thing to say! It's against the ru-Wait I thought you weren't interested in me?" Kanda said confused.

"I take it back! I am interested in you! Why shouldn't we take a chance? We're only young once and you are interested in me or you wouldn't have done what Lavi said. No one talks about some random girl who bumped into them in a hallway if they aren't interested in them!" Lenalee half-shouted.

"You can't take it back! And the moron's got nothing do to with this! This is a stupid and irrational thing to say! And I might be interested in you but it can't happen! It's against the rules." Kanda half-shouted back.

"Screw the rules! If we like each other we should go for it!" Lenalee said exasperated.

Kanda's eyes narrowed. He sighed and stepped much much closer to Lenalee. His face was a few inches from hers now. She blushed a little at the sudden change in his position. "You're right." He said. He looked defeated. Like he'd finally given into something. Kanda pressed his lips to Lenalee's in one swift action tilting her head to fit his. He secretly cursed his best friend for making him do this. But he also secretly thought it was worth it.


Comments are indeed loved, and yes it's a little OCC but hey it's the longest fic I've ever written so WOOT. 8D

Hope you enjoyed sweeties~
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She could feel nothing as she soared and climbed up the red striped thin hammer handle with ease. She didn't feel bad for using his power to help her. She felt nothing but an utter determination to win or die trying. She was alright with dying. Death wasn't something she was scared of anymore. Nothing scared her now. She hardly heard herself utter the words "It's okay. I've decided to do this." The only thing she had in her sights was the Level 4 awaiting someone's arrival for a fight.

Little did it know that if she died so would it. She looked over the black sky lined with a few gray clouds as she fell into the darkness. A good way to die. With a few swift and light movements she fought endlessly, getting plugged into heart-stopping freezing water over and over. Finally she made her move. A death wish so to speak. She had decided. For him. Perhaps that's what gave her her strength.

She would die protecting her friends as he had died protecting her. She wouldn't let his sacrifice be in vain. She'd be with him soon. If there was such a thing as Heaven. She soared in the air as lightly as ever, but also as powerful as ever. Her legs didn't feel painful and heavy anymore. They didn't drag her down. They lifted her up. She felt her life power draining her. She felt her clothes and hair evaporate with it. She felt something encase her body. Almost her soul. Then everything, was pitch black.

Of course she was unaware that she had lived and was only asleep. She thought she had died. To be with him. Then her life power came flooding back. She slowly opened her eyes. Instantly she could feel wet and cold. Was she still going to die? Did she just get carried over here so someone could witness her death?

God only knew. God only knew how he would punish her.
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11 April 2010 @ 04:35 pm
Just so you know comments are much loved. Also I apologize for my love of pronouns. C:

Fandoms:D.Gray Man, & maybe some others.

Lenalee centric-Above the Black Waters--Possibly more than one chapter. Taking place in the Edo Arc. Implied AllenLenalee.

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Lenalee centric---Stolen hope. One chapter long, possibly. Takes place in her childhood. Around ten I think.

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KandaLenalee AU High School----Why not? Maybe three chapters long. Very AU. Probably pretty OC. T___T This is a bit longer than the others.

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12 February 2010 @ 04:04 pm
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26 January 2010 @ 07:49 pm
She heard the sound of the door opening as she lay on her bed. She didn't care. She just tightened the grip of the blanket around her. The door closed and she felt a heavy weight next to her. She was reluctant to respond. She sighed. She sat up and let the blanket fall from her shoulders. Kanda stroked her hair and her face with the deepest look of sadness. Lenalee turned her face away. She got out of her bed and started to walk to the door but a hand gripped her arm. She half turned her eyes downcast. Slowly, Kanda pulled her to him like a dancer might. His hands gripped her waist tightly. Lenalee again rejected the advance and turned her face away. Kanda with a slightly strong grip turned her face to his. Her purple irises were a mixture of anger and sadness. His blue eyes were fierce as always. He titled his head slightly as if to say something. She gave a breath as if to say she consented. Slowly he kissed her sweetly and passionately. Lenalee pulled away after a while and buried her face into his shoulder.
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17 January 2010 @ 10:26 pm
Kanda fights with Lenalee and leaves for a mission soon after the fight. Lenalee spends most of it trying to figure out her feelings about Kanda. He's just her friend. But is that what she tells herself to suppress her true feelings? Is who she thinks she wants really who she wants?

"What do you care?!" Kanda shouted back his eyes narrowed and teeth gritted. Lenalee scowled back.
"Because you're my friend and I don't want you hurt!" She shouted back.
"It doesn't matter if I get hurt! I can take care of myself!" He shouted back.
"No you can't! Don't be so proud!" She shouted back. "You can't do everything by yourself! You can't go through life alone!"
"I can and I will!" Kanda shouted back. The words felt like daggers to her. They stung like a burn. But before she could so much as even say his name he was gone in a flash. Lenalee swallowed her feelings and tears and left silently. That night she didn't sleep. She could still hear his words echoed in her head over and over. She had her body tangled in the sheets and her hair tangled in with it. When morning dawned she woke in a daze and slowly opened her eyes. The room was filled with a bright light as if to mock her mood. She turned over and felt her short night dress stick to her curves. She was covered in sweat. Her hair was damp with sweat to. It seemed longer than usual running down her back. Then she slowly recalled the events of the day before. She didn't feel any sadness. She felt disappointment and anger. She sighed and pushed the sheets and covers aside. She grabbed a clean change of clothes and darted to the shower. There she could let her troubles evaporate with the steam from the water.

Lenalee returned to her room very late that night. She was laying in the covers wide awake yet again. She heard creaking from upper levels and unexplainable crashes. Her bed felt as cold and numb as she did. She woke up the next morning dizzy. She felt something dried on her checks. Tears. She had cried in her sleep again. Why did she care so much? Even when she fought with her brother she didn't feel this much pain. She knew deep within her she was fighting a feeling she didn't want to let out.

Later on that day Kanda came back. They stood stock still a few feet apart in the empty hallway. Their eye's did not meet and they didn't even look at each other. Lenalee mumbled something. Kanda's eyes widened when she said it. He moved toward her and his lips brushed against her ear like a summer wind. "Don't be sorry." He said. Lenalee watched him go with her hand absientmidnly pressed to her heart. She gave a start as she realized what her true feelings were. She watched him disappear down the long hallway his long ponytail swishing as he went.
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